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Book Description Paperback. Condition: NEW. Orders placed after Very light use, FINE or better, very minor shelf wear. For non-UK markets items of 1. More information about this seller Contact this seller. Book Description Hal Leonard, Condition: New. Never used!. Seller Inventory P Book Description Backbeat Books June , Trade Paperback. Landmark book on live music's most high-profile and historic concerts. Forty years of rock 'n' roll and rebellion, it's all here: the music, the mud, and the memories.

Join Together! From the bad acid and mud of the first Woodstock to the fiasco of the later editions and beyond, this book is for everyone who was there, in body or spirit. Seller Inventory Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory n. He stated, "If we join them, we can turn those adversities that are the problems of America today into a hope for a brighter and more peaceful future. Sound for the concert was engineered by sound engineer Bill Hanley.

We set it up for , to , people. Of course, , showed up. Behind the stage were three transformers providing 2, amperes of current to power the amplification setup. Lighting for the concert was engineered by lighting designer and technical director E. Beresford "Chip" Monck.

Much of his plan had to be scrapped when the promoters were not allowed to use the original location in Wallkill, New York.

The stage roof that was constructed in the shorter time available was not able to support the lighting that had been rented, which wound up sitting unused underneath the stage. The only light on the stage was from spotlights. Monck used twelve Watt Super Trouper - follow spots rigged on four towers around the stage.

Monck also was drafted just before the concert started as the master of ceremonies when Michael Lang noticed that they had forgotten to hire one. He can be heard and seen in recordings of Woodstock making the stage announcements, including requests to "stay off the towers" and the warning about the " brown acid ". Thirty-two acts performed over the course of the four days: [41]. Very few reporters from outside the immediate area were on the scene.

During the first few days of the festival, national media coverage emphasized the problems. The New York Times ran an editorial titled "Nightmare in the Catskills", which read in part, "The dreams of marijuana and rock music that drew , fans and hippies to the Catskills had little more sanity than the impulses that drive the lemmings to march to their deaths in the sea.

They ended in a nightmare of mud and stagnation What kind of culture is it that can produce so colossal a mess? According to Collier, this led to acrimonious discussions and his threat to refuse to write the article until the paper's executive editor, James Reston , agreed to let him write the article as he saw fit.

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  • Festival season is in full swing, and we have found the most up close and personal..

The eventual article dealt with issues of traffic jams and minor lawbreaking, but went on to emphasize cooperation, generosity, and the good nature of the festival goers. The chief medical officer for the event and several local residents were quoted as praising the festival goers. Middletown, New York's Times Herald-Record , the only local daily newspaper, editorialized against the law that banned the festival from Wallkill.

During the festival a rare Saturday edition was published. Artie Kornfeld one of the promoters of the festival went to Fred Weintraub , an executive at Warner Bros. Artie had been turned down everywhere else, but against the express wishes of other Warner Bros. Woodstock helped to save Warner Bros at a time when the company was on the verge of going out of business. The book Easy Riders, Raging Bulls details the making of the film.

Wadleigh rounded up a crew of about from the New York film scene. With no money to pay the crew, he agreed to a double-or-nothing scheme, in which the crew would receive double pay if the film succeeded and nothing if it bombed. Wadleigh strove to make the film as much about the hippies as the music, listening to their feelings about compelling events contemporaneous with the festival such as the Vietnam War , as well as the views of the townspeople.

Woodstock received the Academy Award for Documentary Feature. In , Woodstock: The Director's Cut was released and expanded to include Janis Joplin as well as additional performances by Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, and Canned Heat not seen in the original version of the film. This release marks the film's first availability on Blu-ray disc. He was initially concerned with angering the locals, but they ended up being very welcoming and willing to help with the film. Two soundtrack albums were released.

The first, Woodstock: Music from the Original Soundtrack and More , was a 3- LP later 2-CD album containing a sampling of one or two songs by most of the acts who performed. A year later, Woodstock 2 was released as a 2-LP album. Both albums included recordings of stage announcements many by Production Coordinator John Morris, e. In August , a third album, Woodstock Diary was released. Tracks from all three albums, as well as numerous additional, previously unreleased performances from the festival but not the stage announcements and crowd noises were reissued by Atlantic, also in August , as a 4-CD box set titled Woodstock: Three Days of Peace and Music.

An album titled Jimi Hendrix: Woodstock was also released in August , featuring only selected recordings of Jimi Hendrix at the festival. In July , MCA Records released Live at Woodstock , a double-disc recording longer than Jimi Hendrix: Woodstock featuring nearly every song of Hendrix's performance, omitting just two pieces that were sung by his rhythm guitarist Larry Lee.

The album contains eleven tracks, ten of which were previously unreleased.

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On 2 August , the Rhino label released Woodstock — Back to the Garden: The Definitive 50th Anniversary Archive , a CD, hour, song completists' audio box set of nearly every note played at the original Woodstock festival including songs that were previously unreleased , a "CD collection [co-produced for Rhino by archivist Andy Zax ] that lays the '69 fest out in chronological order, from the first stage announcements to muddy farewells. Due to various production and warehousing issues, the release of the box set was delayed dramatically, causing massive backlash and dissatisfaction towards Rhino and Warner Music.

The full version was limited to a run of only 1, copies. Max Yasgur refused to rent out his farm for a revival of the festival, saying, "As far as I know, I'm going back to running a dairy farm. Bethel voters did not re-elect Supervisor Amatucci in an election held in November because of his role in bringing the festival to the town, and the upset attributed to some residents.

In , at the original festival site, land owners Louis Nicky and June Gelish put up a monument marker with plaques called "Peace and Music" by a local sculptor from nearby Bloomingburg , Wayne C. Attempts were made to prevent people from visiting the site. Its owners spread chicken manure, and during one anniversary, tractors and state police cars formed roadblocks.

Twenty thousand people gathered at the site in during an impromptu 20th anniversary celebration. In a community group put up a welcoming sign for visitors. Unlike Bethel, the town of Woodstock made several efforts to capitalize on its connection. Bethel's stance eventually changed and the town began to embrace the festival. Efforts were undertaken to forge a link between Bethel and Woodstock. Approximately 80 lawsuits were filed against Woodstock Ventures, primarily by farmers in the area.

In , a plaque was placed at the original site commemorating the festival. In , the site of the concert and 1, acres 2. The Museum at Bethel Woods opened on June 2, Richie Havens ' ashes were scattered across the site on August 18, There was worldwide media interest in the 40th anniversary of Woodstock in On August 15, at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts overlooking the original site, the largest assembly of Woodstock performing alumni since the original festival performed in an eight-hour concert in front of a sold-out crowd.

Paul Kantner was the only member of the Jefferson Airplane lineup to appear with Jefferson Starship. Tom Constanten , who played keyboard with the Grateful Dead at Woodstock, joined Jefferson Starship on stage for several numbers. In May , Michael Lang, one of the producers and organizers of the original Woodstock event, revealed plans for a possible 50th anniversary concert in and that he was exploring various locations.

Reports in late confirmed the plans for a concurrent 50th Anniversary event on the original site to be operated by the Bethel Woods Centre for the Arts.

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The scheduled date for the "Bethel Woods Music and Culture Festival: Celebrating the golden anniversary at the historic site of the Woodstock festival" was August 16—18, Bethel Woods described the festival as a "pan-generational music, culture and community event" including some live performances and talks by "leading futurists and retro-tech experts".

Michael Lang told a reporter that he also had "definite plans" for a 50th anniversary concert that would "hopefully encourage people to get involved with our lives on the planet" with a goal of re-capturing the "history and essence of what Woodstock was". On March 19, , the proposed line-up for Woodstock 50 was announced. On April 29, , it was announced that Woodstock 50 had been cancelled by investors Dentsu Aegis Network , who had lost faith in its preparations. The producers "vehemently" denied any cancellation, with Michael Lang telling The New York Times that investors have no such prerogative.

On July 31, , NPR reported that the concert had finally been cancelled. Woodstock still acts as an economic engine for the local economy. With 2. As one of the biggest rock festivals of all time and a cultural touchstone for the late s, Woodstock has been referenced in many different ways in popular culture. The phrase "the Woodstock generation" became part of the common lexicon.

Cartoonist Charles Schulz named his recurring Peanuts bird character — which began appearing in but was still unnamed — Woodstock in tribute to the festival. Melanie Safka 's song, " Lay Down Candles in the Rain ", recalls the experience of both her Woodstock performance and her participation in the Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam. Joni Mitchell 's song, " Woodstock ", was written while she viewed news coverage of the festival and, lamenting her decision not to perform there, described it instead. In , the stage show National Lampoon's Lemmings portrayed the "Woodchuck" festival, featuring parodies of many Woodstock performers.

A Walk on the Moon is a film set partially at the Woodstock festival. In , Argentine writer Edgar Brau published Woodstock , a long poem commemorating the festival.

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Taking Woodstock is a film by director Ang Lee that dramatizes how the festival came together. In , the singer Lana Del Rey released a song, " Coachella — Woodstock in My Mind ," in order to show her worries about the tensions between North Korea and the United States , while she was at Coachella , expressing nostalgia by reminding the Woodstock festival as a symbol of peace.

The ceremony began with a "stirring" electric guitar performance of The Star Spangled Banner by "Captain" Kirk Douglas of the Roots--"reminiscent" of Jimi Hendrix's performance at original festival. Opening ceremony at Woodstock. Swami Satchidananda giving the opening speech. Joe Cocker and the Grease Band performing at Woodstock. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the music and art festival. For other uses, see Woodstock disambiguation. Promotional poster designed by Arnold Skolnick [1].

We were ready to rock out and we waited and waited and finally it was our turn These people were out. It was sort of like a painting of a Dante scene, just bodies from hell, all intertwined and asleep, covered with mud. And this is the moment I will never forget as long as I live: A quarter mile away in the darkness, on the other edge of this bowl, there was some guy flicking his Bic, and in the night I hear, "Don't worry about it, John.

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